That's the plan. Some will be spent along the way - gotta eat, go places and rent some movies.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

It's Back with New Motor Configuration

I'm Back! Wow! How long has it been? Too long! So, where to begin? Well... There are 2 motors on the main gantry [X-Axis].

 This will fix any sway or under power I had before. Also there is a stronger motor on the secondary gantry [Y-Axis]. This motor will be in charge of moving the carriage. And, finally, there is a smaller motor to lift the carriage [Z-Axis].

I have reduced the resolution of the motors - Micro Step were just too much for my PC [LunixCNC]. I don't blame the program. I will continue to us LinuxCNC.  I just have an older PC. Besides, the cutting surface is only 12" x 12" [300mm x 300mm] (or so) so I don't think I will notice.

But, it sure moves now!

Relief Carving

This was my first attempt at carving a relief.  The program takes a grey scale image representing height and then scans it back and forth creating a continuous path for the cutter to follow. you can see I still need practice setting it up. It should have cut deeper.  But, the cutter moved like it was supposed to.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

LINKDAY: Sixty Symbols

Sixty Symbols is a collection of interesting science related videos.  The videos are by Brady Haran for the University of Nottingham. These are not the type of videos most people will talk about at the lunch table, but if you ever wanted to see something explained a little differently, then check out Sixty Symbols.

A few examples include: Pressure - using ball bearings and a cork, Tidal forces, Magnets - Spinning magnets - Moving magnets, 3D Glasses, Angular Momentum, and Infinity.

Have you ever seen a Drinking Bird or even know why it works?

I have no affiliation with the above mentioned website(s). I only wish to share it.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

LINKDAY: TED ideas worth spreading

TED is a way for thinkers and doers to present and express their ideas to the world in 18 minutes or less.  From comedians to scientists, from entertainment to politics and everything in between.  Watch a presentation if you have 18 minutes to spare and need inspiration, or just the knowledge that there is more to the internet than people falling down on YouTube.

I have no affiliation with the above mentioned website(s). I only wish to share it.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

LINKDAY: KickStarter

KickStarter is a community funded platform for ideas.  For someone with an idea but has no money, put together a presentation and showcase your thoughts and you will have 30 days to try to raise the money.  For someone with money but no idea, browse other campaigns to find one that sparks your interest.  Even if you don't have money or an idea but have a curiosity to watch something bud and grow then there are many people who could use $1 of support.  Each campaign sets a make or break point in determining how much they need to start.  If this minimum is not reached the project will not be funded, no money will change paid to the campaigner and as a supporter no money will be collected from you.  But, if the minimum has been reached or even exceeded, the project will get its funding.

The campaigns are grouped into different areas of interest: Art, Comics, Design, GamesTechnology and more.  Discover something new and when you are ready Start an idea of your own.

A point of warning though.  Please research what you see on this site.  There are many good ideas that need your help but it is up to you to determine if they can complete what it is they say.  Ask yourself what it is you are getting back for your investment.  With different investment levels you can choose how much you risk.

I have no affiliation with the above mentioned website(s). I only wish to share it.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

LINKDAY: Geekologie

Geekologie is a place you go for something a little different.  The posts slant towards geeky-techno stuff.  Like maybe a full body sweater, autonomous boat and custom boat/truck.  If you have a bored parrot you can make a bird buggy.

It is also a good place to keep up on future events.  Like maybe a start-up promising a trip to the moon by 2020.  Maybe a peripheral for your PC/Laptop that looks like a tentacle?  There is the latest tattooswedding bands and pizza scented cologne.  Dalek themed Christmas tree and Halo Warthog for sale.

If you are late for an important meeting then you need a taxi ride in a DeLorean.

Geekologie has geekness.

I have no affiliation with the above mentioned website(s). I only wish to share it.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Upgrade #1 Near Complete

I have finished the NEW circuit board.  It is only "Perf-Board".  Three EasyDriver boards, 10 bar LED and several screw terminals. Oh, yeah and miles of 22-gauge wire.  Now the  EasyDriver is able to operate at 1/8th, 1/4, half, and full step (2 phase) modes.  8 position DIP switch controls the desired mode and the LED lights up for each setting for each board.