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Friday, December 7, 2012

Upgrade #1 Near Complete

I have finished the NEW circuit board.  It is only "Perf-Board".  Three EasyDriver boards, 10 bar LED and several screw terminals. Oh, yeah and miles of 22-gauge wire.  Now the  EasyDriver is able to operate at 1/8th, 1/4, half, and full step (2 phase) modes.  8 position DIP switch controls the desired mode and the LED lights up for each setting for each board.

Each of the EasyDriver boards is attached to the perf-board by use of break-away headers and female headers.  I did this because more than likely this will NOT be the last circuit board upgrade for this CNC mill.

The limit switches are now hooked up to a separate area of the circuit board...

...along with each STEP/DIR and limit signal.  Each limit signal has been coupled with a pull-up resistor to ease the strain on the printer port of the computer.

And, finally the stepper motor terminals.

I also installed two new stepper motors for the X and Y axis.  These motors are a little stronger as well as having 400 steps/revolution (ie. high resolution).


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