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Thursday, October 18, 2012

In the beginning was registered on September 13, 2005. I had plans for this domain.  I had big ideas.  The title alone conjured up notions of spending sprees, fast cars, lavish trips and new stuff to fill every square foot of living space.  That was seven years ago.  Seven years of domain fees.  And, nothing came of it.  I suppose in my defense I did not have $1,000,000.

So, until I win the lottery my million will come in small installments about every two weeks for many years.
35 Years * $28,571.42 + 30 Pennies = $1,000,000
And, according to the math I will also need to find 30 pennies on the ground.  Maybe I will find a penny that will be worth something someday.

But seriously, the above figures are for entertainment purposes only.

What to expect...

  • I will provide details, instructions and pictures of projects I feel are worth sharing.
  • Everything I create should be considered 100% Open Source.
  • New posts every week.
  • When I am made aware of interesting things I will try to provide my views and a link.

What NOT to expect...

  • I will NOT be providing details as to how all my money is spent.
  • I will refrain from providing personal information as best I can.
  • and finally, do NOT expect these rules to be final as they may change at any time.

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